What’s In The Window?

Are you here because you noticed our 3D printer in the window? We are trying to fund our ministry by selling custom 3D printed photos. These are called lithophanes. Email a photo to matt@bocphoenix.org to get started! You can pick up in person or we can ship it anywhere in the U.S.

How We Got Here

We are the Body of Christ Community Center and Church! We are a part of the The Church Of God Divine Vision ministry. When The Church of God Divine Vision stopped conducting in person services and went to a teleconference only format they had an empty space they were stuck paying for. That’s when we stepped in to turn the now empty space into a community center! We decided we needed a new name to distinguish the community center from the church. That’s when we decided on The Body of Christ, because the church IS the body of Christ. You’ll meet a lot of Christians who say they don’t need to go to church. But if you’re not going to church, you’re not communing with Christ’s physical manifestation here on Earth! We also believe it works the other way around, if you ARE going to church, YOU are a part of Christ’s manifestation on Earth, and so you better be doing his work!

Our Mission

We just started converting the space into a community center in July so we have a lot of work to do. Once we’re up and running though we have a lot of goals. We aim to hand out meals and food for the needy. As well as clothes and other items families in need may require. We also want to set up voter registration drives and computer literacy classes. We are already well on our way to setting up a computer lab for the community. We’re just getting started, but essentially we wanna be here for all the communities needs!

How Can You Help?

Thanks for asking! You can donate clothes, or other household items for us to hand out. We also take donations of any other items (your old junk for instance) to sell online to help fund our ministry. We also have a gift shop where we sell custom printed 3D Lithophanes, or anything else you might want custom printed. Finally, if you just wanna help us out with a cash donation we take donations online through Tithe.Ly. Thanks!